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The Foxcroft East Homeowner's Association (FEHA) is a not-for-profit, all volunteer organization whose mission is to maintain the integrity of the Foxcroft East neighborhood. The FEHA Board is comprised of nine (9) members, each of whom serves a three-year term.  Each year, three Board members rotate off, and three new Board members are elected to take their place.  In addition, four officers are elected to lead the Board by the members themselves.
The FEHA meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm in the Ligon Hall at Carmel Presbyterian Church at 2048 Carmel Road at the corner of Carmel and Sharon View Roads.  Meetings are open, but we ask that you register at least one day in advance of the meeting date by emailing AMS.  Attending a meeting is an excellent way to get involved and learn what is happening in the neighborhood and the surrounding area.
As stated in our Bylaws, the FEHA is charged with:
  • Insuring the attractiveness of the individual lots and community facilities within Foxcroft East and to prevent any future impairment thereof;
  • Preventing nuisances, preserving, protecting and enhancing the values and amenities of the area, open spaces, walkways and other community facilities;
  • Insuring the resident enjoyment of the specific rights, priviledges and easements in the community
  • Owning, maintaining and administering the community properties and facilities and in doing so enforce the convenants, restrictions and collection/disbursement of assessments & annual membership dues.

In striving to meet these responsibilities, the Board of Directors sees as its responsibilities the following activities:
  1. Maintaining awareness of zoning, planning and other civic issues that might affect the neighborhood, and reacting when required on behalf of the neighborhood's interests;
  2. Serving as architectural review board for all exterior changes, alterations or additions to property be it building, landscape or fencing (see Architectural Review);
  3. Communicating to residents the analysis and judgement of the Board;
  4. Maintaining awareness of traffic, safety, crime and other general activities occurring within the neighborhood and supporting efforts by sister organizations involved in ensuring the preservation and enhancement of property values within the neighborhood;
  5. Preserving and enhancing the common areas throughout the community including but not limited to the pathway system, playgrounds and common area landscape.
  6. Partnering with Foxcroft East Racquet and Swim Club and Foxcroft Friends for the betterment of the community
  7.  Seeking opportunities for additional beautification projects in the neighborhood.